Friday, December 3, 2021

Contemporary Leather vs. Traditional Leather

When styling your living space, it's essential to choose fabrics and textures that both match your taste and meet the demands of your family. Knowing about the different types of leather available for items such as sectionals and ottomans can be helpful when deciding whether to incorporate this kind of furniture into your home. Choosing between contemporary leather vs. traditional leather can significantly change the vibe of a space, and knowing what to look for ahead of time when you're in the shopping phase can be extremely beneficial.

Here's a complete guide to the different types of leather available in the furniture market, all of the most notable differences between contemporary leather vs. traditional leather, and how to know which is suitable for your home.

Contemporary Leather Furniture

You may be asking yourself, "is contemporary leather furniture right for me?" We're here to help you decide. First, it's helpful to know precisely what contemporary leather furniture is. In short, it has many features of the traditional style but brings in modern elements as well.

What this means is that you're likely to find that traditional rich leather appearance that you love meshed with modern finishes, textures, and shapes. Instead of the plush, overstuffed look, think of leather seating that features sleek straight lines, metal hardware and accents, and more.

Contemporary leather furniture also features a variety of colors. Today, you're likely to find contemporary leather furniture options in colors such as navy blue, sophisticated opal, and a sleek modern gray. This allows you to select leather furniture that matches virtually any interior design scheme and color palette.

You're also likely to find more high-tech and user-friendly features included with contemporary leather further. Think power recliners, USB charging ports, and more. All of this is designed to meet the demands of a busy modern family.

Traditional Leather Furniture

What is traditional leather furniture? This is a question we hear quite a bit. With so many options on the market, it's common for shoppers to feel overwhelmed. However, it doesn't have to be this way. There are several key features of traditional leather furniture that make it easy to spot.

First, the color palette of traditional leather furniture is reasonably straightforward. Think of classic browns and deep espressos. When you imagine a classic leather sectional, one of these colors likely comes to mind.

With traditional leather, you'll see the rounded shapes most associated with the furniture. We're talking about the classic comfy, cushioned backs and seats and stuffed rounded armrests. Additionally, mixed materials and accents are kept to a minimum. You're likely to see gold rivets, perhaps, or wooden feet that match the tone of the leather.

Which Leather Is Right for You?

Now comes the more complicated part — deciding which type of leather furniture is right for your home. Take a moment to think about your needs. Do you have a more modern color palette in your space that may require seating that isn't the classic brown tone? Or, are you more an eclectic soul who appreciates funky accents but still wants the timeless look and feel of leather? These are important questions to take into consideration when determining which type of furniture will best meet your needs.

Additionally, consider the needs of your family and of the space itself. Is the rest of the furniture sleek and minimalistic, or is oversized and fluffy your thing? Do your kids need to charge their tablets and gaming devices in USB ports frequently? Make a note of these questions so that you know what to look for when you begin shopping.

The Bottom Line: Contemporary vs. Traditional Leather Furniture

Ultimately, whether you choose contemporary or traditional leather furniture will come down to your personal choice and what pieces you like the best. Only you truly know what will work for your home and lifestyle.

Both contemporary and traditional leather furniture offer many benefits. From a longer lifespan than fabric or microfiber couches to increased durability and resistance to cuts and tears to stain resistance, leather furniture is a great option for many different spaces.

Whether you're looking to add a timeless piece of feature seating to your living room or are looking for a long-lasting yet luxurious accent piece to add to a den or home office, you can't go wrong when you choose leather.

Leather furniture is bound to last for years to come, and the best part about this type of seating is that it's always in style.

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