Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Design an Elegant and Comfortable Dining Room

The dining room often feels like the most special room in the house. While many of us don’t use it every day, the dining room is where we gather to celebrate festive occasions and entertain close friends. But there’s no sense in creating a space in your home that rarely gets used. This special room deserves equally special treatment when it comes to design. Designing a space that feels special enough for a celebration and also functional enough for everyday life is not always an easy task.

wooden dining table set from Baer's Furniture

When planning your ideal space, it is essential to balance two important elements: comfort and elegance. Below are essential elements for creating a room that you can not only both entertain in and live with, but that you and your family will enjoy for years.

Anchor the Space with an Area Rug

The dining room table is the automatic focal point of this space. However, often the table can appear as if it is floating around in the space, so add an area rug for texture and color. Ideally, the rug should be 24 inches wider than the table on each side so that the chairs can slide out easily but not go over the edge.

In addition to anchoring your dining room the rug will help imbue a sense of comfort and warmth, particularly if you have wood floors. The extra softness make guests feel more comfortable. The rug can also protect your flooring from accidental spills.

Choose a Neutral Dinner Table

As mentioned above, the table is the automatic focal point of the room, and therefore probably the most important piece of furniture in the room. You may be tempted to choose a table that makes a statement, but before you do so, consider choosing a more neutral style so that it remains timeless as trends come and go. Choosing natural materials such as wood, glass or stone, let you change up the d├ęcor of the rest of the room whenever you wish.

The Beverly Glen Dining Table by Bernhardt does both. The table makes a statement with its bold fluting, figured walnut veneers top, and terrazzo brown finish. Its transitional style gives you a table that will stand the test of time and never appear outdated.

Dining Room Seating

The many styles, colors, and finishes make selecting a dining room chair a challenge. You want to seat your guests in comfort and keep the harmony of your room. It can be hard to match your chairs to your table unless you find a set that has all the pieces you need. The Beverly Glen arm chair presents a look of restrained extravagance with its tapered legs and scrolled back. The chairs classic shape and soft movement bring form and function into your dining room.

Mood Lighting

Lighting sets the stage for all your gatherings in the dining room, so make sure you’ve got enough and the right kind. Use track lighting to spread light throughout the space and recessed lights brighten the corners. Or use matching light fixtures or sconces placed evenly over the length of the table. Dimmer switches can help set the mood whether you are hosting an elegant dinner or just grabbing a snack.

It’s quite a task to create a dining room that is special enough for formal occasions and still functional enough to be used every day. But with the proper care and planning, this can be done. By carefully considering each purpose of the room, you’ll find you’ve got a dining room with the perfect mix of elegance and comfort.

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet elegant dining room, visit a nearby Baer’s Furniture showroom to see more of the Beverly Glen collection from Bernhardt.

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