Thursday, June 23, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about Hanging a Mirror

How many pieces of furniture have as many uses as a mirror? They can make small rooms seem larger, dark rooms seem lighter, and let you check your appearance as you head out the door. But before any of that happens, you have to get the mirror on the wall. Here's some expert advice on the best way to hang a mirror so that you can get it on the wall quickly and easily.


Before You Hang Your Mirror

It's important to know that not all mirrors are designed to be hung, some are leaners, such as the Crestaire Mid-Century Modern Silver Leaf Finish Palm Canyon Floor Mirror from Stanley Furniture. They are design to do just what the name implies, lean against a wall. They are generally large, full length mirrors and are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. It should be noted on the back of the mirror, so be careful, because if you do decide the hang it and it breaks, the manufacturers warranty probably won't cover it. A cable wire across the back and a single nail or hook is insufficient when you want to safely hang a mirror. Instead, use the "D" hooks that can be found on the back side of the mirror. Each "D" hook needs its own hook on the wall. A general rule of thumb is to hang the mirror high on the wall tilting downward so that it will reflect more of the room.

How to Hang a Mirror

If you are hanging your mirror above the mantel, place it approximately 4 or 5 inches higher than the top of the mantel. You can go higher if your mirror's frame is especially thick to avoid having a dark shadow thrown over your decor. Bathrooms often have frameless mirrors mounted right on the wall above the sink. To enhance your bathroom decor, you can have a frame installed around the mirror – a much less expensive option than removing the mirror and starting over. If you are hanging your mirror on a surface such as glass, tile, or concrete be sure to use special drill bits and appropriate hardware for those surfaces. If you wish to hang a mirror on a door, a full-length mirror is a good choice. Position it so that it takes up as much space on the door as possible. Check to see if you have a solid core door or a hollow-core door. If your door is solid core, mirror clips can be used to hang the mirror, if it is hollow core, then you must use hollow-core anchors or molly bolts to secure the mirror.


Where to Hang a Mirror

There are many places to hang a mirror, but keep in mind that your mirror will reflect light, so if your living room has Southern exposure, and you want to take advantage of the afternoon light, you should place your mirror opposite the window. If you are hanging or leaning your mirror in the bedroom, where you may want more morning light, hang in next to a window. Mirrors can add drama to any room, but in the dining room they have maximum impact. The Salon Sunburst Oval Mirror by Bernhardt Furniture brings light into any space in your home. You can use a mirror to reflect light from a stunning chandelier, but be mindful of reflecting too much light into the room. Try using an antique mirror to diffuse the light and create a gentler mood. Another great place to hang a mirror is in the entry hall. It can be a beautiful accent to the space and also make it look brighter and larger.

Tips and Tricks

To highlight the space, a vertical mirror is the best option for a tall room, and a horizontally oriented mirror is best for a long room. Be wary of hanging a mirror on anything that moves a lot. And be careful if you want to hang a mirror above the bed, you should have a professional tackle that for you in order to ensure that the job is done safely.

For more tips and tricks on how to hang the perfect mirror, contact Baer's Furniture to find out about the FREE design service or check out our Pinterest Board.

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