Monday, December 10, 2018

How to Blend Holiday Décor with Your Home Décor Style

Everyone loves glitter and garlands around the holidays, but the traditional red and green is slowly making way for non-traditional color pairings such as white and brown, green and blue, or white and turquoise. The trends are shifting away from holiday-specific décor to quirky characters such as peacocks, llamas, and elephants. I’m not saying you have to jump on the Pineapple Christmas Tree trend, but you can match your holiday décor with your home décor style to create a chic and sophisticated holiday.

beautiful coastal style dining room

Vintage-Inspired Holiday Décor

To add some subtle holiday cheer to the blue, white, and gray room above, choose a simple silver and white color place setting, offset by gold, silver, and teal. The neutral palette featured in the Bungalow Seven Piece Dining Set by Paula Deen Bungalow creates a look that is full of coastal cottage charm.

fesrtive decor based on cosatal colors

Using teal in your holiday table decorations is a nod to coastal style and while silver and gold add a festive touch to all your holiday entertaining. Candles add glow and silver adds shine, creating an elegant holiday mood.

beautiful contemporary living room

Contemporary-Inspired Holiday Decor

You may think that clean, minimalist contemporary décor wouldn’t lend itself to the clutter of holiday decorations. And you would be right. But simple, monochromatic color schemes can give you a holiday feel in line with your aesthetic. The sleek lines of the pan-Asian-inspired Island Fusion living room from Tommy Bahama turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

white and sparkly holiday decor

For the holidays, consider white twinkling lights, candles housed in white vintage lanterns, and silver stars for a little bit of festive sparkle. The subtleness of the decorations will make a bigger statement with your minimalist décor than over-the-top red and green would. Touches of color inspired by the iron and glass coffee table makes the look cohesive with the space.

beautiful traditional living room

Traditional-Inspired Holiday Décor

You can’t get more traditional than dark-finished hardwood furniture, intricate hardware, and carved detailing. The Island Traditions Westbury Sectional Sofa from Tommy Bahama even has tradition in its name, so you know that means red and green decorations, garlands, and maybe some plaid. The furniture speaks to grandeur and history, so your decorations should match.

Shiny red and green ornaments are perfectly fine, but why not mix in some ornaments made of wood fiber to complement the wicker siding of the sofa? The mix of shiny and natural will create texture and interest. Homemade ornaments also go well with this decor style. A swag of greenery across the windows adds to the festive feel.

5 Steps to Coordinate your Holiday Decorations with Your Home Décor Style

  1. Choose colors based on your room’s décor. Choose three colors from your room’s palette, or three that go with it. Presents always look more festive if they match your room décor.
  2. Buy gift wrap, ribbons, and bows in your chosen colors. Just like when you choose colors for a room, choose one gift wrap to dominate and two to coordinate with it. Wrap the majority of the presents with the dominant wrap and use the coordinating ones for smaller gifts.
  3. Decorate with coordinating ribbons. This is a guaranteed way to give your holiday decorations a unified look. It doesn’t have to be the exact same ribbon, but it should coordinate with your presents.
  4. Color coordinate your accessories. Buy a few vases that repeat your colors and fill them with flowers. Candles and throw pillows are good ways to bring more of your colors into the space.
  5. If you entertain during the holidays, make sure your invitations and place settings co-ordinate with your chosen colors.

Whatever your home decor style, following the tips above will help you get it just right for the holidays. Creating a festive feel without feeling out of place in your home will help reduce some of the traditional holiday stress. Learn more and read Baer's Furniture reviews. Follow Baer's Furniture on Facebook for more design inspiration.

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