Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Décor Styles That Work Well Together (and Those That Don't)

Over the years we tend to accumulate furniture pieces that we take with us as we go. From the farmhouse table you bought for your new home to the heirloom dresser that has been passed down from your grandmother, chances are you have a mixture of styles in your home. However, most of us don’t live in rooms that seem separate from each other, so we want our interior design to be balanced and cohesive. Layering in styles can create a dramatic and interesting look, but too much ends up looking confused and uncomfortable. Here are some styles to mix without creating a hodgepodge of styles in one space.

Tips for Creating a Cohesive Space

  • Unify with color by using a consistent palette
  • Mind the scale by pairing pieces of the same size
  • Find balance by choosing items with equal visual weight
  • Distribute pieces equally by mixing pieces of different styles together
  • Choose a dominant style, but use at least two pieces of the less dominant style
  • Pair casual styles together and formal styles together
mid-century modern coffee table and transitional sofa

Traditional and Mid-Century Modern

One of the best ways to mix traditional and mid-century modern décor in a living room is to use a streamlined, mid-century modern coffee/cocktail table, such as the MacArthur Park Granville Cocktail table by Lexington. The architectural stainless steel frame and floating glass shelf create an open and spacious feel that goes well with a traditional sofa. Keeping this in mind, you can add additional mid-century and traditional pieces until you get the balanced look you want.

coastal coffee table and striped upholstery

Coastal and Traditional

As in any home, you can decorate a coastal-traditional home with elements that speak to you. Old with new, coastal with traditional, and personal treasures all play well together and make the space your own. The Put Your Feet Up Square Coffee table by Paula Deen marries the turned legs of coastal style with a traditional finish of dark brown. The coastal palette of sea greens and blues can be seen in the more traditional patterns on the throw pillows. The neutral sofa and striped upholstered chair ties both styles together.

Contemporary and Rustic

Probably the most improbable combination, contemporary and rustic styles can exist side by side if you pay attention to a few guidelines. Natural materials can marry many styles, and this combo is no exception. A rustic wood dining table and modern chairs can work together when they highlight natural materials and earth tones. Another way to marry the styles is to mimic colors and design elements. A contemporary couch nestled next to a rustic table works when throw pillows on the couch mimic colorful accents pieces on the table.

Elements That Can Work with Any Décor

  • Modern Architecture
  • Ornate Architecture
  • Abstract Art
  • Traditional Art, but More Sparingly
  • Natural Rugs
  • Oriental Rugs
  • Modern Side/End tables
  • Asian-inspired Pieces
  • Ornate Mirrors
  • Modern Lighting
  • Traditional Lighting

Styles That Don’t Go Together

  • A rustic or shabby chic coffee table with turned legs and peeling paint will look out of place with mid-century modern furniture.
  • Bright neon colors in a traditional room may be hard to pull off.
  • A shabby chic sofa in a minimalist room will stand out like a sore thumb.
Most of us want rooms that are both fresh and timeless. While that may seem like an oxymoron, keep in mind that timeless is, by definition, always fresh. And mixing styles is one way to get that fresh, timeless feel. Read Baer's Furniture reviews on and see why they have a 4.5 star rating. Follow Baer's Furniture on Facebook for more design inspiration.

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