Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom for Maximum Impact

Florida condos, vintage homes, and modern space downsizing all require a design that makes the best use of a small space. If you want to redecorate your bedroom but are worried that you don’t have enough bedroom to redecorate, read on. I’ve put together some great small bedroom tips that can help you maximize your space without minimizing your style.

While you may see design shows featuring bedrooms with sitting areas, a king size bed, and office space in the bedroom, don’t forget that the bedroom’s main purpose is for relaxing, recharging, and, of course, sleeping. And you don’t need a lot of space to create a room where you can do all three.

In fact, your small bedroom could be the best thing for a better night’s sleep (besides the right mattress). According to the American Sleep Association, stimulating activities should be banned from the bedroom. Distractions such as the TV, work areas, and the Internet can interrupt your sleep patterns. So, the fewer distractions in your bedroom, the better and more sleep you will get.

Check out these tips for creating a bedroom that makes up in style what it lacks in square footage.


Choose a Light, Bright, Neutral Palette

Choosing a light, neutral color palette will make your bedroom look larger and brighter. It also keeps the space from feeling too boxy or busy. Using white or lighter colors will also reflect light from any windows you have and brighten up the space.

If you are worried that white will be too stark, choose a slightly off-white shade and warm the space with soft shades of gray. Layering pastels – the new neutrals – will also add some interest to the space and keep it from feeling cold and impersonal.

In the bedroom above, the Paula Deen Bungalow Cottage Bed by Universal keeps the space airy and bright, while being filled with warm, down-to-earth southern charm. Adding glass lamps and patterned throw pillows continue to warm up the room.

Use a Headboard Instead of a Bedframe

A few inches of space, both visually and physically, can be an important element in small bedroom design. Letting your footboard go and replacing it with a simple, upholstered headboard gives you more space without losing any style. The distinctive Shadow Play Uptown Panel Headboard from Lexington features unique basket-woven faux leather that perfectly complements a small, sophisticated bedroom.

Embrace Minimalist Design

Create more space in your bedroom by whittling it down to your favorite pieces. The focus is the bed, of course, but there may be other pieces you can do without. You don’t need the computer station or TV, so get those out of there.

Adding built-ins can give you additional storage while looking like they are not even there. A built-in around your bed where you can place essentials such as an alarm clock, reading light, and a glass of water will make the space seem cozier.

Create Space with Mirrors

Tried-and-true techniques are tried-and-true for a reason – they work. Mirrors can expand a small bedroom by reflecting light and creating the illusion of more space. Hanging a mirror so that it reflects natural light from a window is a great way to get more natural light in your space.

Add Under-the-Bed Storage

One thing every space needs, small or not, is more storage. If you have room in your bedroom for a footboard, consider getting one with drawers for extra storage.

Create an Accent Wall with Wallpaper

Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean it has to be lacking in style. Create an accent wall with wallpaper to give it a little extra. Although wallpaper has gotten a bad rap for making rooms feel cluttered and small, when you use the right wallpaper, it does exactly the opposite.

Choosing a wallpaper that complements your bedroom furniture lets the eye travel seamlessly from the headboard to the wall behind it. The Pan Asian influence of the Island Fusion Queen Bedroom Group from Tommy Bahama creates a tranquil modern feel with clean lines and the contemporary lattice design. The textured wallpaper behind the bed adds interest without distracting.

When choosing wallpaper for your bedroom, opt for a textured look or a large-scale pattern over a smaller, busy one. This will help keep the space from feeling smaller.

Now that you have this list of tips for small bedroom design, it’s time to play. Try out one or two and see how it goes. Remember, you can always change it up whenever you wish, it’s your room after all.

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