Monday, February 4, 2019

Top Furniture Trends for 2019

We know that furniture can make or break a space, so finding the right pieces is key. And it’s always tempting to try the latest trends when looking to reboot your style. Catching our attention this year is deco influences, soft curves, bold colors, and texture.

Some trends come and some trends go, but the furniture trends below are fresh, fun, and sure to bring long-lasting style to your home.

beautiful sleigh bead

Add Comfort with Upholstered Beds or Headboards

Bedrooms are big this year, as everyone is looking for a haven from the stress of today’s world. Elegant and shapely, an upholstered bed or headboard will turn up the cozy level in your bedroom. Whether you choose classic linen, colorful velvet, or sumptuous leather, these chic beds bring flair to your sleep space no matter the style. An upholstered sleigh bed is the perfect place to take shelter when you want to relax and forget the stress of your day.

Spice It Up with Warm-Colored Furniture

The move is definitely away from a classic neutral palette, so spice up your space with pieces that feature rich color. Look for sunny shades of orange, blush, and yellow to bring in a cheerful vibe. In fact, blush is one of the new neutrals. It pairs well with grays and natural materials to create a calming palette. Whichever color you choose, you can embrace it with a show-stopping statement piece, or go subtle with an accent chair or throw pillows.

Kick It Up with Geometric Patterns

There are so many ways to go with this. Geometrics are always popular, what’s new these days is how they are used. An eye-catching geometric pattern brings a little retro flair into your space. Add pieces with your favorite neutrals to add interest without overwhelming the space. Or, you can choose a piece like the Geode Selenite Entertainment Console with its striking chevron basket weave pattern. Enhance the look with hexagonal-back chairs for an overall look of earthy comfort that doesn’t sacrifice sophistication or elegance.

Embrace a Curvy Design Aesthetic

In a throwback to the 1970s, rounded, furniture with shapely silhouettes will rise in popularity. Curves on chairs, couches, and headboards will encourage you to relax and unwind while adding a touch of flair and bring extra softness to any room you put them in. A rounded-back chair is a fresh way to bring some curves into your home.

beuatiful metals console

Create Interest with Functional Metal Pieces

Metal furniture is becoming more popular than ever, but not the traditional kind. Metals are being used in more interesting ways and can be considered pieces of functional art. Whether gold, stainless, brass, nickel or blackened, metal pieces are more sculptural in the past, with lacey or geometric designs that focus on function as well as beauty. The Shadow Play Studio Console table juxtaposes glam and relaxed contemporary features for a chic addition to any living room.

No matter what trend catches your imagination, these tips will help you create a new look for your rooms in the New Year. Whether you add a few pieces, or completely change your style, you’ll be able to find your perfect match.

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