Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bernhardt Furniture Combines Casual and Classic with the Criteria Collection

If you are looking for a design style you will love for a long time to come, consider a casual, classic design for your home. Classic doesn’t always mean traditional and classic doesn’t have to be boring.

Dining Room

Classic mixed with casual dining room décor will stand the test of time. The heather gray finish of the table and chairs of the Criteria Dining set by Bernhardt gives this room a fresh, modern appeal. The double pedestal table base creates a classic silhouette. The splat back chairs balance the look. The metal and glass chandelier gives the room an edge that keeps it from being too fussy while the purple area rug grounds the space and keeps it from becoming too monotone.

Living Room/Family Room

To create a furniture layout that always works, put matching armchairs facing the sofa, with a rectangular coffee table in between. This gives quests a place to sit and socialize. The CriteriaSquare Cocktail table balances a simple shape with a sumptuous embossed top to add a twist to the classic shape.

Windows are rarely left bare, window treatments give softness to the hard edges of a room. The classic boxed-pleat can add a formal air to keep a room from seeming too casual. Bamboo shades, on the other hand, can keep a room from seeming too formal. Use whichever you think best keep your living room or family room in the classic and casual realm.

Master Bedroom

It’s hard not to want a touch of drama in the bedroom, so just give in to it. The Criteria Upholstered bed creates a luxurious look without going overboard. The warm, contemporary light gray upholstery keeps it both classic and casual. The pale blue walls, another classic bedroom color, make the room conducive to relaxing and restoration. The bachelor’s chest completes the unfussy, sophisticated look of this bedroom while the books piled by the bed add to its casual appeal.

Create Balance

Remember that your classic, casual home must strike a balance between these two elements. Accessories such as area rugs, lighting, pillows, and artwork can all tie the look together. Don’t hesitate to experiment, add, take away, and move things around until your house feels like home. 

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