Saturday, December 3, 2016

Create a Vintage Vibe with Broyhill Furniture Attic Heirlooms

The term vintage has been tossed around a lot recently, but what does it really mean? It refers to items or styles that aren’t old enough to be considered antiques, but not quite new enough to be considered used. Vintage styles should feel as if it represents a specific time period. So that when you look at a farmhouse table, you automatically think of visiting your grandparents – even if they never lived on a farm.

Vintage style is a mixture of old and new – it makes you feel nostalgic, but it is also fresh and new. It’s the vintage vibe without the grunge. The best thing about decorating your home in this style is that when you are finished, you get something that is one-of-a-kind, fun, and unexpected. To get the vintage look in your home focus on two overarching ideas: statement pieces and the details. Once you’ve found a statement piece you love, focus on the details that will make it truly stand out.

You don’t have to scour the flea markets to find the perfect statement pieces. The Attic Heirloom Collection by Broyhill Furniture gives you the look of a flea market find with the durability of new furniture.

One way to create a vintage feel is to create vignettes by mixing and matching objects and pieces of furniture. For example, choose a dining room set with simple, elegant lines. You don’t have to have chairs that match. Try a bench on one side for an eclectic look and feel. The chairs reflect a subtle country charm that makes the space homey and warm. The neutral walls and area rug let the table and chairs take center stage. The prints on the wall help pull the look together and create curated and well-traveled look – even if you purchased the prints and furniture.

Or create a vintage feel in your bedroom with the Attic Heirlooms Queen Feather Headboard. Vintage style gives your bedroom a charmingly old-fashioned, cozy, and cheerful look. Even though the hallmark of vintage style is a look that seems collected over time, you should avoid clutter to create a peaceful, non-busy space.

Keep in mind that vintage design should look like it developed organically over time. It’s all about collecting, layering and putting your mark on your home to make it totally reflect who you are. And there is something else that almost inevitably comes with vintage style – charm. 


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