Thursday, December 8, 2016

Warm Up Your Home with Tropical Upholstery Furniture

Florida is home to lush green lawns, swaying palm trees, fresh sunshowers and beautiful beaches. Tropical home décor is a great way to bring everything you love about Florida living indoors.
However, making your home a tropical oasis doesn’t have to involve palm trees, pineapples and floral décor. There are many ways you can give your home a tropical feel without going overboard and incorporating every single Florida element available.

Upholstered Furniture

One way to bring the tropics home is to choose furniture with tropical upholstery. The Tommy Bahama Benoa Sofa is a wonderful addition to any living room or seating room. Plush back cushions and deep seat cushions provide comfortable seating. The intricately carved, wooden front arms give the sofa a unique look. When you settle into the couch, you’ll feel like you’re settling right into a seat at the lobby of a beautiful, Caribbean resort.

Tommy Bahama Benoa Sofa at Baer's Furniture

While a tropical off-white color will match most any home design, this item is also available in a variety of colors and patterns. Choose between beachy blues, tropical greens, neutral browns and coastal/tropical patterns. You can even choose from animal patterns in a variety of colors. Light, natural colors, such as light blues or cream, are safe. But don’t be afraid to go bold by choosing a deep blue or daring print for your upholstered furniture.

Tropical Accessories

There are many ways you can also accessorize your home with tropical features. The Tommy Bahama Benoa Arm Chair is a great choice for your living room or even in a bedroom alcove. The deep cushions will lull you into a nap just as a beachside hammock would.

Tommy Bahama Benoa arm chair at Baer's Furntiure

Again, you can choose from dozens of colors and patterns. You may decide to pair an off-white sofa with a boldly patterned Benoa armchair in order to add some flair to your furniture.

Another way to add to the tropical feel of your home is through accessories. Pair vibrant throw pillows with cream upholstered furniture. Use a brightly colored or patterned rug, such as one with palm fronds, to add to the tropical vibe. You could also use different materials, like jute or sisal, for a living room rug. Changing rugs, pillows and draperies can make a big difference in whichever room you are re-designing.

Visit a Baer’s Furniture near you to learn more about the Tommy Bahama Benoa sofa and arm chair. An interior design professional from Baer’s can also help you in choosing furniture, rugs, throw pillows and even window treatments that will work best and fit your unique vision.

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