Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Storage For The Bedroom

Finding storage room in your bedroom can sometimes be difficult. Your room symbolizes your personality and should be a place you feel totally relaxed and comfortable. It is also where you store a lot of your personal items, clothes and valuables, which is why it can sometimes be difficult trying to maintain a tranquil environment. Here are a couple of storage solutions that can clear the way for a good night’s sleep.

Hide It under the Bed

A king –sized bed usually takes up 42 square feet of space; if you purchase a high-rise bed frame, like the Mirren Harbor Bedframe by Broyhill, you may have up to 42 sq. ft. of space to stow away unused items underneath. So take advantage of all this extra space by storing some of your more memorable, sentimental items that you might not need to see every day but don’t want to get rid of.
Baers Mirren Harbor Bedframe by Broyhill

The Taller, the Better

If you have high ceilings, having a tall bookcase is a great option for you. While most people think bookcases are only good for a living room or office, at Baer’s we challenge you to get bold with your designs and use furniture pieces in a smart and savvy way. For example, if you have an overflowing nightstand and need extra room to store valuables, ditch the bedside tables and add an elegant bookshelf to either side of your bed.
Baers Tommy Bahama Island Fusion Tonga Bookcase
If you are interested in finding more creative ways to organize your bedroom, visit us at www.baers.com to find a Baer’s showroom near you and see how just a couple of hints from our complimentary interior designers can help you today.

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