Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mirrors For Home Elegance

Transitional elegance fuses timeless and contemporary designs into one unique piece. It is inspired by ageless designs but modernized by today’s current and popular trends. Transitional elegance designs may be used in all types of furniture pieces, but we have seen the most beautiful displays in mirrors. Baer’s furniture showroom has one-of-a-kind mirrors that reflect this new-era trend.
The Beverly Glen Mirror with Beveled Glass is an exceptional piece that fuses the two together. It boasts the traditional, square wooden frame over walnut veneers that embody elegance. The Terrazzo Brown gives it the traditional touch that pulls the transitional elegance together in one room.

The Salon Mirror from the Bernhardt collection is an antiqued piece derived from transitional elegance. Its decorative frame also hosts an edge of flare, making it one of the most elegant mirrors found in our Baer’s showroom. The Antique Silver Leaf finish manifests elegance in a glamorous and eclectic style. It’s a simple yet astonishing piece that can be paired with any type of furniture to impress anyone who sees it. People will stop and admire the beautiful mirror before they look at themselves.
Visit www.baers.com or a Baer’s showroom today for more charming transitional elegant furniture pieces. Speak to one of our complimentary personal designers who can assist in incorporating the unique trend into your home today.

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