Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Flowered Prints Are Back

Believe it or not, floral and topiary designs in furniture are making a comeback. For Floridians, it’s always been about bringing the beauty of the outdoors in and basking in the warmth our Sunshine State provides. Now we are seeing those relaxing foliage prints added back into sofas, dining seats and so much more. While floral prints used to be very popular during the 20th century, it’s now coming back with a modern twist.
Furniture designers today are using a lot of trending prints that fuse the classic style of the floral and palm tree inspired fabrics. However, it’s been the contemporary trims and finishes that have allowed the look to sneak their way back into some of the most popular home designs. Furniture pieces like the Mangrove Arm Chair in the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection mix the two effortlessly. The tropical cushion is complimented by the woven chair, making the set charming and exotic.
Baers Mangrove Arm Chair in the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection

Floral prints are not only eye-catching, but can bring out the best in any room. They exude personality and add a lot of colors that you can use as inspiration in designing other areas of your home. From sofas to lounge chairs, floral prints can be matched with anything. Due to the sometimes eccentricity of the floral prints, make sure to compliment the room with simple minded furniture. You don’t want your room to feel overwhelming and busy. The floral prints should be only the accent to your overall design.
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