Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baer’s Adventurous Elegance

Baer’s furniture prides itself in being the leader of luxurious and sophisticated furniture for Florida living. Our goal is to provide our customers the latest designs and most elegant styles available, which is why we keep an ever-changing inventory of top designer collections. Every once in a while we receive a collection that incorporates bold pieces and challenges the traditional designs of furniture with lines and finishes that break all expectations.
Tommy Bahamas’ Ocean Club Collection has captivated our top designers with its modest yet daring designs that exemplify the new trend of adventurous elegance. The contemporary lines of the Ocean Club Sliding Door Point Break Entertainment Chest are a great example of what adventurous elegance is. Its polished wood accentuates the center and two end units, creating an elegant look everybody wants in their room. The geometric shapes of the two sliding doors allow the piece to be adventurous and edgy. Finish the look with a personal flair by decorating the glass shelves with some of your favorite treasures from your trips. The open grid provides a visual element that draws the eye of everybody who spends time in your living room.

The Ocean Club Jakarta Chest with Stone Top adds an element of adventure no matter which room you put it. Its geometric squares allure attention and create a fun, dynamic aura that will remind you of your outdoor adventures. Like the entertainment chest, you can decorate the stone top with some of your favorite treasures from your trips to really give it a personal flair.
If you are looking to help your room become full of adventurous elegance, visit a Baer’s showroom today where one of our complimentary interior designers will be more than happy to answer all of your questions about the latest designs and trends.

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