Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kick The Blues Away With Blue

When it comes to fashion and design, blue is one of the most popular colors. Its many shades and hues form part of an eclectic palette that anybody can play with, when creating luxurious looks for your home.  Many people are hesitant about swaying away from the traditional neutral pallets typically used in furniture pieces, but as recent trends keep proving, rich blues make great key items in today’s modern home.
A signature piece of blue furniture can add an element of unexpected personality when you walk into any room. A piece like this unique Broyhill Emily Queen Blue Sofa found at Baer’s Furniture, pairs with nearly any design. It perfectly matches with the classic look of wood finishes and stands-out on a light colored wall making the room pop.
baers Broyhill Emily Queen Blue Sofa

Adding blues can also add a calming feel to your room, especially if most of your furniture is neutral toned. Your spaces can now represent that tranquility and serenity that you want to come home to after a long day. An accent piece like this Mélange Regatta Blue Bombe Chest with 2 Drawers from Hooker, adds instant personality to any room and complements any luxurious style.
baers Mélange Regatta Blue Bombe Chest with 2 Drawers
“The blues,” are usually associated with feelings of melancholy and sadness, but now it is being redefined with Baer’s Furniture select collections. Nothing can bring you more tranquility than a little blue! With the proper design and selections you can make this choice of color a wonderful addition to your home decor. If you want to see more blue in your room visit us at www.baers.com or come to one of our showrooms today and ask our complementary interior designers about the best ways to add blue pieces to your home.

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