Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Computer Desk and Home Office Design

With an increasing amount of people either working from home or self-employed, setting up a home office is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And even if you only work from home part-time, there will probably be times when you need to see clients or co-workers in your home office. The space in which you work and entertain clients says a lot about your personal brand. Creating a simple, luxurious, and comfortable home office space will impress your clients and give you the room you need to work productively.

Choose Your Style

Just because you are setting up a space to work, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stylish and reflect your personality. You will probably work more efficiently when you are in a space that is comfortable and stylish. Modern office furniture designed specifically for home use gives you everything you need to be productive and impress clients.
You can create a luxurious ambiance with a functional computer desk for your home office. Molding details and decorative hardware add an air of luxury to the Brookhaven Executive “L” Return Desk by Hooker furniture. Even the name says executive, and that’s what you are when you are in your home office. Why not use a home office design that reflects that? This desk features a utility drawer with a drop front that serves as a computer desk, a file drawer to keep important papers near, and a pullout writing shelf.

Create Your Space

Home offices are no longer consigned to an unused nook in the dining room or kitchen. Let space, style, and personal preference guide you when decorating the space. Wood-paneled walls or classic wood furniture evoke elegance and sophistication without being too formal and intimidating. While you can set up your space adjacent to family areas, remember that when you have clients in, they can see that area, so the styles should complement each other.


You will need the proper lighting for your home office. If you have windows, take advantage of the natural light as much as possible. However, there will be times when you need task lighting. When lighting any space, layer it to enhance the various functions of the room. Task lighting – a desk or floor lamp – is essential for your work space. You’ll also want softer ambient lighting for when you see clients, so that they don’t feel like they are under a microscope.

Choose Your Chair

If you plan to spend hours toiling at your work desk at home, be sure to invest in a comfortable office chair. Look for a chair with wheels that allows you to adjust the back angle for comfort and lumbar support. The Brookhaven Desk Chair features pneumatic lift, leather upholstery, and casters.


In addition to a computer desk and filing system, you may need some storage. You don’t want your home office to be buried in paper, with supplies scattered about willy-nilly. Floating shelves, bookcases, and cubbies are all good options, depending on your style. Large wood bookcases will give your room a more traditional look, while open shelving will give it a more airy feel. You’ll need a lockable filing cabinet for sensitive documents, and a tray organizer for incoming mail and bills.

Design for Productivity

Keep yourself organized and productive with whiteboards, bulletin boards, or a wall covered in chalkboard paint if you are more adventurous. Stationary and office accessories such as pencil cups, magazine holders, and paper trays can add color and pattern. Desk lamps, calendars, family photos, souvenirs, clock, and maps can be added mindfully to reflect your personal style. Above all else, go for a practical, clutter-free space that is easy to work in.

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