Friday, November 25, 2016

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozier

Making your home cozy – a place you never want to leave and can’t wait to return to – makes it an enjoyable and memorable space. People find themselves drawn to spaces that are warm, inviting, comfortable, and cozy. And remember, houses are not just for looking at, they are for living in. A home that is truly cozy will also be truly beautiful.

Curl-upabble Furniture

There’s furniture that is beautiful to look at and furniture that you just want to snuggle into. Ideally, the perfect seating will strike a balance between these two extremes. However, before you purchase any seating, you need to think about its curl-uppability. Try to picture yourself curled up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon, feet up, reading a book, or watching TV. The Kilimanjaro Riversdale sofa by Tommy Bahama exudes cozy comfort. The super plush cushions make it the perfect spot for tucking your feet up and relaxing.

Mix it up a little

These days, most people are not looking to buy furniture in the same style. In a cozy room, many styles will mingle and blend harmoniously. Think less about what matches and more about what goes. Mixing pieces from different styles creates visual texture, and this may make your space more cozy and inviting.

Make Your Home Tactile

Leather furniture is one way to add something touchable to your décor. When people see leather furniture they almost always just have to touch it. The warm, traditional look of the Grandville Sectional Sofa from Broyhill adds instant coziness to any room. The accent pillows provide textural, visual interest and comfort. Add a fluffy throw or patterned rug or other items with lots of texture that just beg to be touched. This will add warmth to your room’s décor.

Warm It Up with Color

You may not realize this, but every color has a mood. Most restaurants are red because people tend to eat more in a red room. Cooler colors make rooms seem airier and larger. Warmer colors do the reverse – they will make your space seem cozier and smaller. And every color can have warm or cool undertones, even blacks and whites.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting.

Lighting is an important factor in creating mood, but many people overlook it. When you see a beautiful, drool-worthy image in a magazine, it is probably because of the lighting. It is especially important for a living room to have many different light sources: bright light for large gathering and softer light for intimate gatherings. In addition, you may need task lighting if you like to curl up and read. Try switching your bulbs to ones that give off warm light for instant cozification.

Fill Your Home with Things You Love

Almost everyone has something they love: a collection, an heirloom, a piece of art. These are the things that remind you of places and people you love. They are the things that make your house a home. And when you feel at home, you feel like you truly belong. Your guests will pick up on this vibe. And that’s what makes your home feel cozier. 

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