Saturday, November 19, 2016

Partyproofing Your Home against Unavoidable Messes

As the holidays approach, so does the seemingly endless round of parties and events. And while everyone enjoys a good get together, the aftermath can be epic if you happen to be hosting the event. Once you’ve finalized your guest list and planned your menu, there is one more thing you can do to make the day’s events less stressful for you.

Instead of avoiding Cabernet or Shiraz and sticking to stain-proof food and drink, partyproof your home so that clean-up is easy and stress-free.

Steps for Partyproofing Your Home

  1. Store your fragile items and valuables in a cabinet that can be locked and is not easily accessible to guests. This is especially important if children are invited. Don’t forget to secure any breakable family heirlooms and sharp objects that could be a hazard. 
  2. Use flameless candles. There are so many varieties that add ambiance to your home. There are even some that are scented. 
  3. Try a slipcover or throw on top of any stain-prone upholstered furniture pieces. 
  4. Place a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen – nearly 47,000 fires occur during the holidays. 
  5. Keep wipes or detergent sticks handy in the main entertaining areas so you can do sneaky clean up just as it happens. 
  6. Have plenty of coasters on hand, especially for your glass and wood tables where rings are visible. 
  7. Put welcome mats inside as well as outside the front door to keep dirt from being tracked through your house and onto your carpets.
  8. Use table cloths, runners, or placemats to protect furniture from spills. They also add a festive touch to your holiday event. If possible, keep drinks in their own serving area so that you can quickly wipe up red wine or soda spills.
  9. If you are worried about your carpets or scuffing on your wood floors, request that guests remove their shoes. Keep a basket and bench or other seating at the front door so that guest can easily remove their shoes.
  10. Supply plenty of napkins and make sure they are easily accessible to your guest so that they don’t have to hunt around for them when they need them. 

These tips will help partyproof your home and make cleaning up that much easier. Be sure to let your guests know any house rules such as no smoking, keep out areas, and if you wish them to remove their shoes. Hanging the appropriate signage will clearly communicate your wishes without the appearance of rudeness. This will ensure that you and your guests enjoy the party without unfortunate mishaps.

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