Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bring Subtle Luxury into Your Home with Bernhardt Furniture

When you consider how you want your home to look and feel, keep in mind that luxury doesn’t have to equal over the top. You can add simple, luxurious touches to your home that will create an understated and timeless style that you and your family will love. You deserve to have a home that welcomes you at the end of each day. And the Crusoe Collection from Bernhardt does just that. Follow the tips below to put together a subtly luxurious room you are not afraid to live in.

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Give Every Room Some Focus

A quick and easy way to create a luxurious feel in your home is to make sure each room has a defined focal point. It may sound fancy, but this just means that each room has a point at which the lines converge and immediately draw the eye. An architectural detail such as a large or unusually shaped window provides an instant focal point that lets in a lot of natural light. Frame out the window to underscore its beauty.

If your room doesn’t have an architectural detail to highlight, you can create a focal point by splurging on a couch that makes a statement, such as the Andrew Stationary sofa from Bernhardt. It combines sophisticated design with comfortable styling to bring a subtle luxury into your home.

Offer Plush Seating

Imagine yourself living a life of luxury — are you reclining into pile of plush pillows or struggling to get comfortable on minimalist seating? Probably the former. So add a luxurious touch to your home by including ample, plush seating. That means cushioned and upholstered furniture pieces with rich, high-quality fabrics to really bring home a luxurious feel. Try a textured fabric to add an extra layer of depth to your living room.
Baers furniture inviting sofa

Warm It Up with Color

Inviting — that’s what you think of when you think of any luxurious space. You want your family, friends, and guests wish that they could spend all their free time in the comfort of your home. Choosing the right paint color will give you the welcoming atmosphere you desire. Warm colors such as orange, red, and yellow create a cozy, intimate space. Cooler colors such as beige, gray, greige, and green evoke calmness and can make a room seem more spacious. Use warm colors to draw your guests in, if cooler colors are your preference, use jewel tones to keep the feel of the space luxurious.

We all want a home that seems like a high-end oasis. With a few simple touches, you can create a subtle, luxurious look that makes you, your family, and your friends feel comfortable.

If you need help create a subtly elegant look with Bernhardt furniture, contact one of the design professionals at Baer’s Furniture. Take advantage of the free interior design service to find the pieces you love from more than 50 famous brands.

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