Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tips for Using End Tables to Accent Your Room Décor

They’re called accent tables for a reason: end tables, console tables, coffee tables all help accent the design of your room. They are an easy way to add style into a room. If you are not sure how to style your end tables, read on. Here are some tips for creating a cohesive look for your space. Although styling end tables and other accent tables may seem tricky, keep in mind that it is all about using accessories to make your tables look like they were added to the space with purpose.

Tip No 1: Add a shallow bowl or basket to end tables or coffee tables. This helps keep TV remotes together while also adding color and texture to your living room. In the earth-toned room above, the shallow bowl on the table repeats the color of the wooden coffee table and end tables. The color added can be subtle, as above, or bold and dramatic, depending on your taste.

Tip No 2: Add flowers or plants. This adds life and softness to your room. Although real is best, it’s fine to use faux plants and flowers – if they are real looking. And these days it is much easier to find faux flowers and plants that took very realistic.

 Tip No 3: Decorate end tables that sit beside a wall with tall objects, such as a tall vase with long-stemmed flowers such as gladiolas. This will soften the corner of the sofa and bring any wall art you have into the grouping, making the room cozy and welcoming. A tall table lamp will also do the trick, the key is to bring some height into the space.

Tip No. 4: Placing table lamps on console tables or end tables add task lighting and help differentiate the space in an open concept home. If your dining and family rooms are an open concept, you can create two separate zones and make them cozy by adding a console table at the back of a sofa. Use matching lamps to add lighting as well as delineate the space by separating the living room from the dining room.

Tip No. 5: Putting a decorated console table next to a stair wall – the wall under or near the stairs – is an ideal way to add some style to what can be an awkward and often ignored space. Make sure the console table is clear of the stairs so that nothing will get knocked over. Then add a basket or two, a vase of flowers in bloom, or prop a piece of art on the wall. If your console table allows, you can add baskets for extra storage.

The right end tables, coffee tables, and console tables can not only accentuate your style, they can have a practical purpose in your home. Decorating can be like math – adding and subtracting just the right elements to your home until it perfectly reflects your taste and style.

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